Visual Identity, Landing Page, Launch Video, and Marketing Materials

The Hologic Global Women's Health Index is the worlds first-ever global survey of women's health. Surveying in 116 countries, 93% of the world's population covered, and partnering with the Gallup World Poll, the Hologic Global Women's Health Index needed a strong and inspiring narrative and visual identity that spoke to the world about the groundbreaking study.


Role: Art Director/Lead Designer

Creative Director for Copy: Larry Goldstein

Studio: Starfish

Website Production and Development: Studiolabs

Animation: Squarewave

Video Production: Carter New York

We created an original grid motif that emulates how the Index reveals information about each of the 120,000 survey respondents while also conveying that each data point reflects a person and tells their story.

We expanded on Hologic’s existing brand colors with the addition of purple, ubiquitous for symbolizing feminism and the fight for women’s equality.


Launch Video

Development and Production: Studiolabs

Landing Page

Animated Digital Ads

Digital Posters

Social Cover Photos

Facebook Cover Frames

Zoom Backgrounds